The Earth Group Chakra

We finish the year with a Earth Healing course, This may be appropriate since this is the exact time when the Mayan Calendar finishes - but it is always appropriate anyway.

The Dance of Life.

The path Mankind is on is reflected in the Earth Chakra, a mandala-like energy structure not unlike the chakras in our own body, energy vortexes caused by the interaction of the energy of the total sum of humans. Linking in to that may make it possible for you to feel into what "the reassessment of everything" has to do with you!

The Earth Chakra is created by the resonance from of all living creatures on Earth;
 It therefore reflects the deep-seated interconnectedness there are between all life, and thus, if we ask meditatively, it will reflect what is, and thus also the higher inner state of purpose, bliss and compassion.
To see or experience truth, we need to trust our own balance and integrity instead of outer authorities.

This workshop does not require prior application

Date: June 22-24
Time:  Friday 7pm-10 pm. Sat & Sun 10 am-6pm
Price:  $220 Including $50 nonrefundable deposit
The remaining to be paid at the start of the first workshop or via the online payment plan.


As always, Erik’s workshops are experiential and meditative in their focus, 
they are not focusing on conveying intellectual knowledge. 

In all our work, we respect your right to follow your own path in life, and we never force you further than you want to go.

We invite all who are interested to join us, but ask newcomers to prepare a bit in order to participate in our on-site workshops.
We want you to be at least acquainted with our Path of Dharma series of  contemplations, this is an excellent tool to achieve the basic balance that is necessary for further growth.

It can be accessed freely on our website here:

Our Path of dharma book, available through our website, or our online course, "Our essential teaching", also available through our website, can be used for entry to our on site courses. 

You can participate in all our online activities without prior knowledge



Date: December 21-23

Time: Friday 7pm-10 pm. Sat & Sun 10 am-6pm

Price: $220 including $50 nonrefundable deposit

The remaining to be paid at the start of the first workshop or via the online payment plan.

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