The Reassessment Of Everything

The 3 weekends gradually build up towards a synthesis

You cannot assess let alone reassess unless you can trust your data and your tools.
Or more psychologically, if you are biased, your data will be untrustworthy.

Firm ground and good grounding is the necessary starting point, and on top of that, courage and flexibility of mind must also be there, so that you not only dare to see, but also are strong enough to see, and that you can think new. 
With firm ground, courage and flexibility of mind well established, you have what it takes to let go of what was not true, maybe incorporate what you didn’t know you needed to know before, and get the point.
The last step is synthesis.
A consequence of this is that you deal with what is, rather than what is in your mind.

This is the process of reassessment. 
This series of workshops may have consequences for your way of being years ahead

This workshop series requires prior application to be in our hands no later than February 22nd.

Weekend 1. Date: February 24-26  Firm ground

Weekend 2. Date: March 23-25 Do you dare to see?
Weekend 3. Date: April 27-29  Synthesis
NB: Weekend 2 and 3 are not shown in the calendar!

Time:  Friday 7pm-10 pm. Sat & Sun 10 am-6pm

(For the whole series): $600 including a $100 nonrefundable deposit.

The remaining to be paid at the start of the first workshop or via the payment plan.


In the light of this years theme, it may be appropriate to underline that we reserve our right to make changes in the program as needed over the year.

As always, Erik’s workshops are experiential and meditative in their focus, 
they are not focusing on conveying intellectual knowledge.

In all our work, we respect your right to follow your own path in life, and we never force you further than you want to go.

We invite all who are interested to join us, but ask newcomers to prepare a bit in order to participate in our on-site workshops.

We want you to be at least acquainted with our Path of Dharma series of  contemplations, this is an excellent tool to achieve the basic balance that is necessary for further growth. It can be accessed freely on our website here:

Our Path of dharma book, available through our website, or our online course, "Our essential teaching", also available through our website, can be used for entry to our on site courses.  You can participate in all our online activities without prior knowledge


Workshops that do not require an application before enrolment:
Just fill in an enrolment form and pay deposit or full fee.

Workshops that require an application before enrolment: 
You enrol by first writing an application.
Remember once you have send the application, you have enrolled, and thus agreed to pay and participate if you are allowed in.
    When we have all applications, we use them to meditate on the group-chakra of the applicants, and those whose energy would support each other are allowed in.
 It is not personal shortcomings etc. that determine who is accepted in and who not.

If you are invited in, we still want you to sign an enrolment form and pay deposit or full fee.
Send us a couple of lines, where you in a few words describe why you want to enrol in this workshop series.
Also please in a few words describe your spiritual practise, if you have one. 
Feel free to call or email us if you want further information.

This workshop series requires prior application
to be in our hands no later than February 22nd.


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