World Mother - A Feminine Development Path

The World Mother is a magic and mythological figure – she gives birth to all life utilising the 4 elements.

She is crying because her children is forgetting their unity – and the ocean, the cradle of life, are over aeons formed by her tears.

The feminine path is a path that both men and women tread – since both genders have both masculine and feminine aspects.

It is the path from the busy mind to inner peace. In the present volatile times both men and women are loosing connection with their true inner feminine, thus hindering peace of mind, and thus hindering peace in the world.

What then is the feminine path? If the masculine is the dynamic, the impulse, the feminine is the receiving, the magnetic; if the masculine is the fertiliser, the feminine is the incubator and the nourisher.

This is an eternal inner dance between ways of being within each of us. And even deeper – Bliss – is a beingness, not a doing, so in reaching bliss, doing ceases, in bliss we are on the feminine path.

We will in this workshop utilise Ullas picture of the World Mother as focus point, explore some depth of the feminine path, where we are “pregnant” with ourselves and our purpose, where the doing is in service of the being.


Dates: Thursday 6th – Sunday 9th May

Times: All days 10 AM – 6 PM

Price $ 400 payable in full, or in instalments. Full payment before March 15th attracts $50 discount, bringing the fee to $350. Or you can pay a non-refundable deposit of $100, the rest at the start of the workshop, or as four instalments of $75.00 fortnightly on Paypal via our website. (no discount). Please enrol no later than 30th April. This workshop requires prior participation in a Path of Dharma workshop, or in one of the intro Saturdays or that you are familiar with the booklet or our DVD.

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